"Jenn’s music is very soulful so we wanted to create visually arresting piece that would leave the viewer with deep emotional footprint, says Director Souzan Alavi."

"The album has a timeless sound: it could have been recorded in the '70s, but then, it could have been recorded in the '90s. It's a collection of heartfelt songs that is sure to connect with an audience." 

"Jenn Grauer's 2011 record A Million Fires is a solid, often beautiful affair showcasing her distinctive, soulful voice in a variety of settings, most built around her plaintive piano...it’s seriously affecting stuff." 

One of The Deli's Best Indie Artists in NYC 

"Sultry, sexy, and soulful. Jenn Grauer's first solo album speaks with raw emotional clarity. Her music is a melodic mix of rich instrumentals with passionate lyrics and haunting vocals. A Million Fires is a brilliant beginning for an extraordinary talent." Gwen Sarnoff, HBO Executive Producer

 "My favorite Jenn Grauer song "Do You Call This Love" is great modern blues.  It sounds like something you might have heard in a smokey club with a dirt floor in the '40s or '50s."  

 - Brian Ives, CBS Local 

 Joe's Pub, NYC